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How To Say Eyes In French

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In the French region le Finistère you can even hear yaourt without saying the letter t at the finish of the word. The generally used model is yaourt with the pronunciation of the letter “t” at the end. ‘Avoir les yeux revolver’ ‘le regard qui tue’ isn’t solely an extract from a well known French song by Marc Lavoine but it’s a way to praise someone’s eyes.

We hope it will allow you to to grasp French better. “Pair ” from the Latin means two like issues. And pants have been initially two like issues. You put them on one leg at a time as a end result of they really got here in two pieces. … From the beginning about the sixteenth Century pants have been referred to as a pair. It’s traditional to say yogourt within the French a half of Switzerland and Belgium.

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What’s the French word for eyes? It is a sacrilege to talk about beautiful eyes and not speak about Jolie’s blue eyes.

The lady other than her award-winning roles humanitarian efforts and plump lips is thought for her gorgeous blue eyes that are thought-about one of many sexiest in the world. Because they are all terms that derive from phrases which are plural for the same reason as trousers pants and so forth. Underpants go underneath your pants. Knickers get their name from the truly quite different garment knickerbockers. Also watch out of the word for hand la main which seems to be masculine however is really feminine.

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It means someone’s eyes are so charming and mysterious that they may trigger one other person’s heart to stop.

The word for ‘neck’ in French is cou. This is a masculine noun and is pronounced ‘coo.

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The same goes for tooth which is la dent. What’s the French word for eye? If you wish to know how to say eye in French, you can see the translation right here.