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Way Hay And Up She Rises Lyrics

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This might have been accomplished for the sake of “rhythm” (although I consider the extra proper term right here would be “meter”). +1 It should be noted that the unique sense of weigh was to “carry or carry” so “weigh, hey, up she rises” was positively referring to lifting the sail, not “weighing anchor”. I’ve heard the ‘hoo-ray and up she rises’ model and it was explained to me that they had been lifting the sails during the refrain and during the verses they would take a breather. In the version of the music I even have heard it is always “.. up HE rises” for each versus, except the one “Put him within the bed with the captain’s daughter,” the place it modifications to “she”.

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To “weigh anchor” means to lift it up from the seabed and return it to its ‘stowed’ configuration on the ship. So when you “weigh-heigh”, up the anchor (which, being part of the ship, is naturally additionally a “she”) rises from the sea. Connect and share data inside a single location that’s structured and simple to look. View Irish Rovers – Weigh Hey & Up She Rises Lyrics | Lyrics of recent songs.

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The pronounciation of middle english differs from our normal speech, so I all the time assumed that was the explanation for the differences. I cannot shine any light on the pronunciation of ‘-y’ on this song, however I observe that such pronunciations are sometimes used by conventional folk-singers at present, not simply on this track. Anyone who has learn Patrick O’Brian’s peerless Aubrey-Maturin sequence would clearly acknowledge this as a capstan shanty. Browse different questions tagged pirate-english or ask your personal query. I always had the impression that “she” refers to the boat rising and falling with the waves on the sea the boat is sailing.

Genius is the final word source of music knowledge, created by students like you who share facts and insight about the songs and artists they love. As to the earl-aye pronunciation, Colin Fine commented that is sometimes utilized by conventional folk-singers at present. I anticipate that is done to give it rhythm. When I labored as part of a reniasance faire forged we had been taught totally different pronouciations for every little thing. This included the track drunken sailor among others.

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Rockol only uses images and photographs made available for promotional functions (“for press use”) by record firms, artist managements and p.r. Earn 10 reputation in order to reply this question. The status requirement helps shield this query from spam and non-answer exercise. The pronunciation may have been affected by the ethnicity of the naval crews (it was fairly frequent for, say, young Irish males to be kidn-, ahem, conscripted into naval service). I would guess the earl-aye pronunciation is an elision, significantly since “early” is adopted by “in”.